Fatima Mbalisa: Tea Lady

Fatima Mbalisa has been employed at Rose Street Chambers since February 2008.
A strong contender for most popular employee at Rose Street Chambers, it is natural for Fatima to go the extra mile. She gets to the office early so that she can vacuum without disturbing her colleagues and is happy to make multiple trips to the basement with our recyclable paper on a regular basis.

In addition to keeping the office clean, Fatima is in charge of the kitchen and kitchen supplies. This she manages with great efficiency, providing tea and coffee to our guests in the boardroom as well as to the chambers' associates.

Tania Hawkins: In-house Courier

Tania Hawkins joined Rose Street Chambers in April 2008. Outgoing and enthusiastic by nature, Tania is a consummate people person who believes in focusing 100% of her attention to doing her job efficiently and to being of service to her colleagues.

Tania is responsible for delivering all the documents that need to be filed in court. In between her courier duties Tania runs general errands for the associates at Rose Street Chambers and takes on whatever tasks are asked of her towards the smooth running of our associates' working day.